• Letter from CSI to Alex Weresow

    of 8 November 2016 re Aaron Smith-Levin

    The Church of Scientology International informed A+E and Slauson Productions that Aaron Smith-Levin could not be trusted to tell the truth, and that it was Smith-Levin who cut off any further communication between his in-laws and their beloved grandchildren. Read the full letter here.

    November 8, 2016

    Alex Weresow
    Executive Producer
    Slauson Productions
    c/o UPS Store
    10736 Jefferson Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90230

    Re: Church of Scientology, Slauson Productions series/Aaron Smith-Levin

    Dear Mr. Weresow:

    As I mentioned in my letters, I will be providing you with information about the individuals we believe will be featured in the so-called “docuseries” on the Church of Scientology that Slauson Productions is producing with Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

    I am also reiterating once again that the Church offered to meet in the interest of a fair and balanced program to provide you relevant information on the credibility of your sources which will allow you to ensure accuracy. It would be reckless for A+E Television Networks (AETN) and Slauson Productions to air provable lies by disregarding relevant facts.

    While you did not inform us that you intend to use Aaron Smith-Levin as a source, we have been notified by his in-laws that you reached out to them. The purpose of this letter is to apprise you of the facts related to Smith-Levin so you have the untainted truth, notably that he was expelled for violent behavior, especially toward women.

    In 2002, Smith-Levin decided he wanted to commit his life to service of the Church and its humanitarian mission, and he joined the Church’s religious order, the Sea Organization. He was a member of the Sea Organization from August 2002 to April 2006 when his membership was terminated after a series of physically abusive and violent attacks on fellow staff members. In May 2003, he was disciplined after he got into an argument with a woman who was his immediate superior and slammed her against a wall. In December 2004 he was disciplined when he got into an argument with a subordinate and pushed her twice, the second time against a wall.

    His most egregious action came when he physically attacked an African-American woman in her 60s. According to one witness, “He actually came at her and started to attack her. I and two other staff members had to physically restrain him and pull him off because it’s just wrong to attack a lady, it’s wrong to attack a black person and it’s just wrong to attack people.”

    In all, 100 separate reports were written about Smith-Levin being abusive toward others. Of these reports, 20 included his being physically violent with others.

    That said, the Church had worked with Smith-Levin to become an ethical and productive staff member who treated others with decency and respect, but he refused to change. I think you would agree that such repeated behavior would be equally unacceptable at AETN or at Slauson Productions and would result in an employee’s termination.

    As is usually the case with a violent bully, Smith-Levin cannot be trusted to tell the truth. One female staff member who worked closely with him for the few years he worked at one of the Churches in Los Angeles, said that “he would lie about his accomplishments, lie about what he was doing, lie about his lack of working and reasons he was getting in fights, and there was a constant turmoil surrounding him.”

    Several years after he was dismissed from the Church’s religious order, Smith-Levin joined a hate group, began supporting rabid anti-Scientologist Mike Rinder, and in 2012 he was expelled from the Church. I refer you to my letter of September 9, 2016, which covers the provable lies that Rinder has been peddling to the media.

    In Alex Weresow’s letter to Anne Tozser, Smith-Levin’s mother-in-law, he states that Smith-Levin has claimed that he is no longer in contact with his in-laws “due to the policy of disconnection.”

    According to Ms. Tozser, Smith-Levin is the one who estranged himself from her and her husband, Imre, through his own vicious attacks. It is their belief that Smith-Levin also poisoned their relationship with their daughter Heather and their grandchildren through his hate campaign. Anne Tozser has related that Smith-Levin sent her a text stating, “We will not be bringing the children over to see you. You will not be seeing the kids again.”

    He cut off any further communication between them and their beloved grandchildren. Heather’s father, Imre, stated: “I know my daughter, she’s not willingly and knowingly doing what she’s doing. She’s been put in a forceful situation that she has to say what she’s saying.”

    His in-laws believe that Heather was forced by Aaron to leave her family and the Church. Heather’s father has observed Aaron bullying her in the same way he had tried to bully his former co-workers. He once saw Smith-Levin “going into her face…. He put his face two inches from her face and said, ‘So what the f*** are you going to do about it?’ In other words, he gives her no choice.”

    Smith-Levin’s actions in attacking their beliefs, Ms. Tozser says, have torn the family apart. “If he cared about us, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. If Heather cared about us, she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing. And it’s just heartbreaking to see someone you care about turn into this kind of monster.”

    Ms. Tozser worries about Smith-Levin’s uncontrolled anger. She says she has seen him snap in handling his own small children. “He picked the older daughter up and flipped her over and held her like this and spanked her with as much force as he could

    … So at that point I said to Heather, Aaron cannot act like this in my home. I don’t want him acting like this in my home anymore. This is not acceptable to me.”

    Having cut himself off from former friends and family, he now rants about his time on staff, feeding his hateful lies to hate blogger Tony Ortega and doing YouTube interviews with Mike Rinder and other members of the anti-Scientology clique.

    Now bitter at being expelled and having severed all ties with the Church and his own in-laws, he has formed an alliance with Rinder, a man who abandoned his wife of thirty years and two adult children without a word. When he is not acting as the house-painter for Smith-Levin in his house-flipping business, Rinder gets paid $175 an hour to consult with attorneys seeking to make a buck suing the Church.

    Your use of a violent, bitter former member to forward an attack on a religion is bigotry in the raw. You should see it for what it is and refrain from forwarding this hate speech. Once you consider the information we are providing it will be clear to AETN and Slauson Productions that Smith-Levin is lying about his family and former church to cover up his own history of erratic, violent behavior.

    Aaron Smith-Levin is not a credible source to discuss his former Church. As I expressed in my earlier letters, to ensure fairness I feel that at a minimum you need to review issues that are extremely relevant to your program, rate the credibility of your sources, disclose their bias to your viewers and give the Church an opportunity to respond to any allegations you plan to include in the program.


    Karin Pouw


    cc: Ms. Nancy Dubuc, CEO, A+E Networks

         Mr. Paul Buccieri, President, A&E Studios