• Anne Toszer
    Mother-in-law of Aaron Smith-Levin


    My name is Anne Tozser, I am the mother of Heather Smith-Levin who is married to Aaron Smith-Levin.

    They came down to Clearwater. They were living with us for a short period of time while Heather had the first child and there was some instances when Aaron had left the kitchen messy and so Imre said, “could you please, would you mind—put your stuff away when you are done—put your dishes away.” And he blew up in Imre’s face at that. Just right in Imre’s face and then my daughter was there, Katerina was there and she’s like, “Aaron, you don’t need to get in Dad’s face, you don’t need to do that and then he got in Katerina’s face yelling at her and like, “You have no right to interfere in this communication cycle.” So we could see there were just a few instances of like his—he would snap, you don’t know what he’s going to snap at.

    I can’t believe this person turned into this monster, what he has become, I mean, I’ve already, I’ve seen instances where he would snap. There was one time he—his two little girls, he had two at the time—I think just two at the time, were, something was happening with them and he picked the older daughter up and flipped her over and put her, held her over like this and spanked, spanked her just like, with as much force as he could. Spanked. And I just held my breath and I’m like, this poor child is just—So at that point I said to Heather, I said, “Aaron cannot act like this in my home, I don’t want him acting like this in my home anymore, this is not acceptable to me.”

    When they were living with us and when they would come over, they would come over for breakfast, we had Sunday breakfast, it felt like she was on eggshells, the children were on eggshells because they never knew what they might say that he would snap. He would just start yelling and get in their face so, he’s volatile character, he is not the kind-hearted guy that he comes across as trying to be this sweet, sweet innocent and the victim of circumstances, no, he knows exactly what he’s doing.