• Ben Francis
    Former Colleague of Aaron Smith-Levin


    Let me just kind of summarize Aaron Smith-Levin like this: He was, you know, this disruptive, angry, antagonistic, bullying guy. But, really, you know, to me that was just kind of like a cover for his very, like, weak and pathetic nature.

    He was kind of useless to have around. Like he didn’t really produce much of anything except for a dangerous environment. You know, a threatening… he was just this threatening guy who just went around and tried trying to bully people.

    His sole operating basis was to try to intimidate and—to attack and force people to do the things he wanted. And if the person, if it was wrong, which most of the things he was trying to push were definitely not quite with the program, he would threaten, he would get, you know, attackingly verbally abusive. He would get very violent.

    He’s always been just angry about everything. And I can’t even think of what he could be, you know, complaining about. Like, he was here, with us, doing the same thing we’re doing and he was, you know, he was treated with dignity despite, you know, all of his shortcomings. And he was—a lot of help was granted him, a lot of attempts were made to help him with his, you know, situations and stuff, but he’s just been like that the whole time; just angry, antagonistic and violent. That’s just been how he’s been.