• Erica Sledge
    Sister of Heather Smith-Levin


    I’ve seen Aaron snap at Heather. I’ve seen Aaron snap at the kids, his kids. He seemed to just kind of would explode kind of hostilely towards her. I don’t particularly remember the circumstances of what was said or why, but I think she would be asking him for something and then he would snap and kind of antagonistically reply to her. Which was a surprise because I had never expected that he would respond that way. You know like my family we don’t talk to each other like that. My husband and I never would talk to each other like that. My dad would never talk to my mother like that. And I was surprised to see that he would respond in that way, kind of like an antagonistic response. And then Heather would just kind of back away from what was said. And the kids as well, his kids.

    I think Heather is frightened of Aaron. Before she met him she was a very outgoing person. She said what was on her mind she, you know wanted to achieve something and she would go out and achieve it. Nothing would stop her. And she was very dynamic. And after she married Aaron, that seemed to change. And she seemed to be more withdrawn and not say what she thought or felt. And it seemed like she had this fear about her.

    I personally am not in communication with Heather and Aaron because of Aaron himself. Because of the way he would act and speak to us and people around him. Even before he was expelled from the Church, I didn’t particularly want to spend time with him. I didn’t choose to go and visit because I didn’t particularly like—I didn’t like being around him.

    It's very upsetting to me to see that Aaron is attacking, going against so strongly, everything that we believe in. And it's very upsetting that Heather is either going along with him or, I don’t know what her involvement is, but just the fact that she's with him is supporting him in some way.