• Jon Lundeen
    Former Colleague of Aaron Smith-Levin


    My name is Jon Lundeen and I work for the Church of Scientology. And when I met Aaron I was working as the executive director of one of the Church’s major training organizations that trains counselors to deliver counseling.

    Well, working with Aaron had two sides of it. Aaron could come across as a really productive and that he was doing exactly what was required. And when you actually really seriously went and investigated what was being done he would often short cut things in order to get something completed. He also had a real volatility. He had a total temperament that if he didn’t like something or he didn’t agree with you he could get angry at the drop of the hat.

    He’s like a snake oil salesman and what he wanted you to see he did a brilliant job of selling you on it. In truth in life he was very different than that and he had volatility of emotions and could go from selling you on what he was doing and his production and his all these different attributes and instantly become the evil villain. And it was dramatic. It was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

    And he had no fuse whatsoever. Like his fuse was nonexistent. And if you did something that upset him or did something that he reacted to, he could be quite brutal in terms of his handling of staff.

    Give you an example, one time I was having a conference to set up some coordination in terms of who is doing what and I questioned him and what he was doing and he immediately took offense which rapidly went out of control and he ended up, in a large conference we must have had twelve people there. He and myself almost in a fist fight and him storming out of the office or actually having to be taken out of the office just because of the extreme upset that he created for all of the people who were there.

    But I was a bit taken aback in terms of the abusiveness that occurred and the lack of restraint that he should have shown and the irresponsibility after that occurred. Like he just refused to go back to work and refused to hold his post and just like literally walked off the post rather than apologizing or rather than getting in communication and resolving the thing which I was quite personally quite willing to do.