• Juliana Palmer
    Former Colleague of Aaron Smith-Levin


    Aaron Smith-Levin was very hard to follow. You never knew what he was going to do next. You never knew if he was going to blow up and go into a rage. Speaking to him was like walking on eggshells because at any moment you could hit the wrong chord and then he would explode. All of my staff couldn’t stand him. They wanted him to leave.

    He pretended to know how to run things, he pretended to know what to do in an area but factually the area that he was running, quote unquote, never expanded, nothing went well and he would rarely come out of his office. And when he did it would just be to scream at staff. He never solved anything production related. He never fixed anything that needed to be handled.

    One time, one of the girls that worked for me, he was showing her some video, you know, randomly in the middle of the day and what happened to pop up was a bunch of pornographic material, which he could only have had open on his desktop. So in the middle of the daytime, it appears to be that he would be watching pornographic material instead of doing his actual job.

    Some of the people who work for me had a meeting in my office which he happened to share with me and after the meeting they had left their coffee cups in his garbage can. So his solution was to dump the garbage on my desk all over my keyboard. That was how he treated that problem instead of doing something sensible.

    We were having a meeting in my office at the time with the head of our Church who happened to be a 78-year-old black woman. In the middle of the meeting he got up and started screaming at her and shoving her out the door and we happened to all be females in the room. So it was a bit shocking. But in the end you know it took all of us to pull him off of her.

    He instigated a fight with an older man who was his superior, who has never actually been violent with anybody that I’ve ever seen. So there was no reason for him to be violent with him. He just started it and it was like pushing and screaming and it was really about something that was so not even worth fighting over. It almost was like he was making a show, because he tried to put himself above everybody when he really didn’t do anything, ever. And he felt that he was above our Church policy, any laws. He didn’t care.

    Aaron Smith-Levin had an identical twin brother. He ran into trouble with drugs and alcohol and ended up losing his life in a car accident. When Aaron found out about the car accident that he had lost his identical brother he didn’t care. He almost laughed about it like it was almost like, “Can you believe it? How wild is that?” Like it was almost just an amusing happenstance for this guy. He didn’t really care at all.

    He knew what kind of shape his brother was in. He didn’t do anything to help handle him. He didn’t do anything to help him. He would just make jokes about him.

    People were so relieved to have him go because all he was, was just anger, rage and hate. And so to have that removed from anybody’s life was probably a better thing for all of us.