Brendan Tighe

Brendan Tighe

Another flunky with a tabloid lie to spin

Leave it to Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and their crybaby lieutenant Aaron Smith-Levin to dig up yet another disgraced security guard long gone from the Church to claim he is in the know about prominent parishioners.

First there was Gary “Jackson” Morehead, whose claim to fame was sadistically torturing animals before he was booted out of the Church and became a discredited “guest” on one of Remini’s A&E rants.

Now, desperate to get attention, they dig up Brendan Tighe, a former security flunky gone seven years from the Church, and whose tale is equally as tall and ever-changing as the yarns Morehead spun to Remini’s cameras.

Tighe stepped into tabloid muck with a provably false tale spun to a British scandal sheet about his experiences while working as a security guard at the Church’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Recognizing he had no story of interest and that whatever stories he really had were a bore, Tighe and his enablers embellished an elaborate fabricated myth alleging a phony celebrity “controversy.”

Consider the source: Tighe’s job was no more than a security guard who no doubt daydreamed of hobnobbing with people a lot more interesting and important than he was. Tighe’s day-to-day responsibility consisted of sitting in a control room and watching the security cameras to make sure no trespassers or vandals tried to harm the property.

Not exactly a sexy job for a tabloid piece, so they magically elevated him to a position of importance he never held, including being a member of a “security detail” for celebrities with an “unrivaled view of Scientology VIPs.” But it’s all fiction. His “unrivaled view” was never “behind the scenes,” but simply watching a television screen showing the exterior of buildings, sidewalks and parking lots. That is, when he was doing his job.

Tighe’s tabloid tale was likely scripted by Remini, Rinder and his pal Smith-Levin. The problem with Tighe is that he was always notoriously unreliable and unethical as a staff member, and simply couldn’t cut it. That’s why he remains bitter to this day, and why he makes up whatever tale pops into his head.

It’s all fiction. His “unrivaled view” was never “behind the scenes,” but simply watching a television screen showing the exterior of buildings, sidewalks and parking lots.

This was par for the course for Tighe, who never could succeed as a Church staff member because he refused to abide by the ethical codes he was required to maintain. In a rare moment of candor, he admitted he needed to straighten himself out, volunteering to go through a Church program to do so.

Wrote Tighe: “I want to have one more chance to get my ass into gear,” admitting his chief failings were—in his own words—“lies and dishonesties.” Tighe’s revisionist history is that he was forced to reform, which are directly contradicted by his own writings.

In January 2003, Tighe was assigned to be a security guard in Clearwater, but kept failing when it came to ethics. One example: Tighe would access hotel rooms and flip through the channels looking for adult movies to watch while pretending to be doing his job. In fact, he was obsessed with porn, and could not be trusted.

Former associates also said Tighe was an out-of-control hothead, much like his mentor Smith-Levin. He was verbally—and sometimes physically—abusive to other security guards whenever his temper exploded, something that makes him ideal for the Remini and Rinder gang of thugs that have a documented history of physically assaulting women and colleagues. Tighe once even hurled a phone at another security guard, resulting in a bloody gash across the forehead of his colleague.

All the while Tighe tried to use his position to ingratiate himself to a prominent parishioner instead of doing his job. Tighe was dismissed as a security guard in January 2009, and kicked out of the Church altogether in December 2011, but not before engaging in financial irregularities when he was assigned a new job.

After he was kicked out, Tighe worked for Smith-Levin, known for staging a disingenuous cryfest for Remini’s cameras involving his late brother, who he forgot to mention he treated like dirt. Naturally, Smith-Levin and protégé Tighe blame the Church for all his troubles instead of accepting any responsibility which is a mandatory prerequisite for anyone in the Remini-Rinder circle of hate.

Tighe eventually ended up as a handyman, and to get attention is now an exalted member of the Remini-Rathbun clique. Like every one of them, he’s just another opportunist looking to make a buck selling lies about the Church to the tabloids.