Villandry calls out Aaron Smith-Levin

Aaron’s Ex-Flame Continues to Spill the Beans—Why We Should Believe

Aaron Smith-Levin confirms truth of former mistress’ tattling

In a series of podcasts, Lindsay Villandry described the mental trauma inflicted by Smith-Levin on herself and others.

A Wife, Multiple Mistresses and a Paid Abortion

Things get messier for serial cheater Aaron Smith-Levin.

1) A passerby challenged by bully Smith-Levin 2) A hostile Smith-Levin 3) Smith-Levin’s very public arrest

Smith-Levin Arrested for Felony Stalking of Disabled Veteran

Bully and abuser Aaron Smith-Levin harasses a man walking his dog—ends up cooling it in police custody

Aaron Smith-Levin with podcast guest Brett Miller, who changed his name to “Tommy Scoville” when he came out of prison. It didn’t change his stripes.

Smith-Levin’s Latest Link-Up Is Bank Robber/Sex Offender

Drugs, sex abuse of a minor, grand larceny. Aaron Smith-Levin cohort Brett Miller/Tommy Scoville doesn’t have much going for him.

Andy Signore gives a platform to his fellow woman abuser Aaron Smith-Levin.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Aaron Smith-Levin finds common ground with serial sexual harasser Andy Signore and violent woman abuser Mike Rinder.

McKernan was rapidly scrubbed from existence by Smith-Levin to cover up their close relationship.

Aaron Smith-Levin Embeds a Hater

Ann “Goldie” McKernan was Smith-Levin’s BFF—until she was outed as anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ and racist.

Aaron Smith-Levin—a fitting guest for antisemite Rick Wiles

A Zebra Can’t Change Its Stripes

Aaron Smith-Levin can take down a video but he can’t erase his legacy of hate.

Aaron Smith-Levin appears with trolling YouTuber Alex Stein

Anything—and Anyone—Goes for Aaron Smith‑Levin’s Hate Agenda

Smith-Levin draws support from extremist and criminal elements in his campaign of harassment of the Church of Scientology and Scientologists.