Anger and Assault: Aaron Smith-Levin’s Superior Suffered His “Short Fuse”

Former superior Jon attests to Aaron Smith-Levin’s “Jekyll-and-Hyde” character, which revealed itself when Smith-Levin interrupted a meeting to physically assault him.


I refer to Aaron Smith-Levin as a snake oil salesman, only because he had such an incredible ability to sell himself. And I’m really talking about it being a salesman of him. You know, it’s like, he would be very able to convince you he was your best friend, the nicest guy you’ve ever met.

At the same time, on the opposite side, you know, you could have, say, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

He had a temper that was second to none, that was easily kindled, you know. It’s like, it didn’t take a lot. He had a short fuse.

One of the days I was holding a conference and Aaron Smith-Levin was there. He gave a comment that was—immediately would make someone antagonistic. It was a communication designed to upset you. So, kept it cool, you know. I re-went over again with him what was needed and that it wasn’t acceptable what he had just done. And he then got more angry.

I said, “Can you please leave the room?” You know, quite nicely, you know. And he refused to leave the room. And at that point then physically came in my direction to attack.

He attempted to slug me in the face, like—and I did get hit, I did get nicked. You know, I was like, you know, I physically felt drained at the end of it. My staff, like, really, I mean, they were amazed that such a thing would happen. And, you know, quite, you know—they were urging him to stop and they were urging him, you know, to leave the room, you know, like, end this craziness, you know.

Here’s what you should know about Aaron Smith-Levin: know that he will convince you very easily that he is sincere, that he is a good friend, that he’s trustworthy, that he’s responsible, that he has a long track record of getting production and products.

And whatever he says, you can just consider it a lie.