From Childhood to Adulthood, Sydney Knew Aaron Smith-Levin’s Hateful Nature

As a child, Sydney found Aaron to be antagonistic and belittling. As an adult, she found he never changed—it was the same “masked hatred” for others.


I knew Aaron two times. One was—first when I was growing up in Philly, in the Philly Church there.

I was definitely not an insecure person as a child. I was—you would never be able to describe me as insecure. It was the way that Aaron talked and dealt with me and belittled me in his communication that just made it—made me insecure and feel stupid most of the time.

When I arrived to the American Saint Hill Organization, and took a position there...I was a little bit surprised of him being in the position he was in and I was concerned. I had memories of having been scared of him. And I, at first, doubted myself, because I was positive that those were just childish things that didn’t—they weren’t real. They were just something that I had been scared of as a kid. But when I was dealing with him, it was the same covered, masked hatred in his communication with me. So I didn’t deal with him very much, mostly because I tried not to, to be totally honest.

So in that, in one meeting that we had, I was sitting behind our boss. He was running the meeting and everybody was sitting around the table and there was one other person there that he didn’t get along with.

Aaron got extremely agitated at first and he was kind of...started like, hitting the table, like pounding it with his fist. And then, when I was watching it, I was seeing this and I was shocked because I couldn’t believe that was happening where I was.

He practically almost climbed up on the table in order to clobber this guy, who was having a normal conversation with him. He wasn’t egging him on, he wasn’t provoking him in any way, it was just flat-out crazy.

But that was the one time—and I was just like, “This is the guy that I was scared of as a little kid.”

Like, if he had an option of how to do something, he would definitely choose the forceful way, the way that would protect him the best, the way that would keep him from danger or whatever he conceived to be danger. Like he, even if it meant being a monster to people or if it meant hurting them or if it meant any, you know, hurting his group or the people that he agreed to help or anything like that, he has zero scruples on that front, for sure.