A Wife, Multiple Mistresses and a Paid Abortion

Things get messier for serial cheater Aaron Smith-Levin.

In a series of podcasts, Lindsay Villandry described the mental trauma inflicted by Smith-Levin on herself and others.
In a series of podcasts, Lindsay Villandry described the mental trauma inflicted by Smith-Levin on herself and others.

Maybe you’ve caught wind of the news. The multifaceted troublemaker Aaron Smith-Levin is in trouble again, with yet another woman.

Which begs the question, what kind of man is Aaron Smith-Levin?

Lindsay Villandry knows. And she is making sure the world knows as well in a series of tell-all podcasts.

First she describes how she and Smith-Levin hooked up four years ago and started dating.

“In the beginning, this guy was psycho,” Villandry said. “He would like chase guys away. He would like call ex-boyfriends when he found out I was with another one at the same time.”

She revealed that one time when she was “not in a good state of mind,” she posted intimate selfies of the two of them tagged to the Church of Scientology. The final tweet contained the message that Aaron Smith-Levin “has affairs outside of his marriage.”

These tweets surfaced as Smith-Levin was campaigning for a city council seat in Clearwater, Florida—campaigning on an anti-Scientology platform—along with press exposures of Aaron’s concurrent incidents of drunk and disorderly conduct.

In one reported incident, Smith-Levin encountered a woman he had stalked online a year earlier, calling her a “c--t” five times before her date punched him in the face.

Not surprisingly, Smith-Levin lost the election.

His deceptive campaign promotion at the time depicted a smiling Smith-Levin with his wife and three young daughters. (Still married, the couple are separated.)

Villandry, herself a recovering alcoholic, former drug addict and a single mother, said her rocky relationship with Smith-Levin lasted for another three years. It was a secret—a relationship Smith-Levin forced her to keep quiet while she was his “sidetrack woman,” until she broke it off six months ago.

In one of a series of hour-long podcasts, she rolls out the events, weeping, raging and attacking Smith-Levin for torturing and “gaslighting” her with repeated lies.

Villandry said he falsely told her of an “open relationship” with his wife. Finally, she described how, after they had reconnected up in the previous month, she discovered that Smith-Levin was involved in yet another extramarital affair. She’d had enough.

“I know he didn’t love me. He’s told me he’s never loved anybody in his f--king life and he’s in a loveless marriage.”

She said that he told her, “I’ll never get married to you. Like it’ll always be like this.… I’m going to f--k around and I want to be with whoever I want to be with.”

At the end of the podcast, she lands her bombshell—how early in the relationship, she got pregnant.

When she told Smith-Levin, he had only one response: Get an abortion. “I do not consent for you to have this child. And [if you do] you’re gonna raise this kid by yourself. Another child by yourself.”

To make sure she obeyed, Smith-Levin paid for the abortion.

She’s now going public with their affair, she says, because, “I’ve been keeping this s--t a secret for so long and I’m going to relapse if I keep it a secret.”

“Now, when he gets big on YouTube…and like you know, it’s like, dude, s--t’s gone to his head and…like I can tell it’s just his f--king power trip and it’s like I f--king don’t respect that,” Villandry said.