Smith-Levin’s Latest Link-Up Is Bank Robber/Sex Offender

Drugs, sex abuse of a minor, grand larceny. Aaron Smith-Levin cohort Brett Miller/Tommy Scoville doesn’t have much going for him.

Aaron Smith-Levin with podcast guest Brett Miller, who changed his name to “Tommy Scoville” when he came out of prison. It didn’t change his stripes.
Aaron Smith-Levin with podcast guest Brett Miller, who changed his name to “Tommy Scoville” when he came out of prison. It didn’t change his stripes.

Brett Alan Miller, associate pal of Aaron Smith-Levin, is a supposedly reformed 54-year-old drug addict who is hosting a YouTube channel about fighting addiction.

He said that when he got out of prison, for numerous crimes, he “came out a changed man, with a dream.”

The only thing that’s certain he changed is his name. Miller now goes by “Tommy Scoville.”

There’s nothing in his bio showing that he’s ever gone through rehab himself, undertaken any training for any occupation, or worked at anything in his life other than scams and schemes to steal or swindle money and property from others.

Scoville even admits to stealing from his drug dealers.

He doesn’t mention sexual assault of a minor—though he pled guilty to that.

So what’s the deal with “Tommy Scoville”? For starters, his fake name is actually “Captain Tommy Scoville” and he has a YouTube channel called The Life Boat.

When you’re a convicted bank robber and sex offender, using your real name while dispensing life advice is not a smart move.

On one episode of his podcast, “My story/owning my past,” Scoville owned up to parts of his life story that make sense for a supposedly reformed addict—but sidestepped details of his criminal past.

He talked about smoking pot at age 13 to try to appear cool and then quickly progressed to cocaine, LSD and pills. After that, he said, he became addicted to opioids.

“By my early 20s, I was driving huge quantities of marijuana from Houston, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts … I made a lot of trips alone driving weed,” he said. “I started to get really involved eating pills, a lot of Ecstasy, a lot of Benzos…

“You’ve probably heard of roofies, the date-rape drug?” he asks.

Then, shaking his head as he looked into the camera, Scoville said, “I honestly don’t know anyone who ever date-raped anyone. But I ate bucket-loads of those.”

In recapping his teenage years, Scoville did not mention that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl.

In 1992, Miller/Scoville pleaded guilty to sexual assault upon a minor. He attacked the girl in a school stairwell in 1987. A verdict of guilty was entered by the Vermont judge.

Instead of discussing that in his “owning the past” podcast, Scoville discussed his addiction to heroin—which apparently helps propel his “turn your life around” message.

Sexual assault, however, wasn’t the only mark on Scoville’s rap sheet.

In Utah on New Year’s Eve 1997, he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

In 2004, Miller/Scoville failed to notify authorities of an address change and as a convicted sex offender, that was a parole violation.

In 2005, he was charged in Reno, Nevada, with attempted grand larceny for stealing a video game system worth more than $250 from a Costco. Two months later, he was arrested for possession of stolen property, including a digital camera, jewelry, and a mountain bike.

In September 2006, he was arrested for conspiracy to commit grand larceny for attempting to steal a DeWalt drill from Home Depot. That same year, tax liens and civil judgments were filed against him in Utah.

For all his offenses, in 2007 he was sentenced to 1 to 3 years. Soon after parole hearings in 2008, he was discharged.

He was arrested for bank robbery in 2010 after he and an accomplice took almost $4,000 from a Wells Fargo branch. He was given a suspended sentence after a plea deal. He was arrested again in 2015 for illegal possession of firearms, which got him a six-month jail sentence followed by eight years’ probation. Five years later, his request to vacate the probation was denied. His probation ended in the summer of 2023.

Soon after that, he launched The Life Boat podcast.

In one of his early episodes, he admitted to getting fired from a job in the past for shooting heroin less than five minutes before he was scheduled to do a public speaking event. He also admitted he had beaten up and robbed his own drug dealers, presumably before he ostensibly turned his life around.

Toward the end of that 18-minute podcast, Scoville promised to discuss “Tommy Scoville the thief” in a future podcast. Until his drug problem, he said, he had been “a guy with a fairly clean criminal record, DWI when I was a kid.…”

More recently, he has been conspiring with Aaron Smith-Levin, announcing plans for them to crash Church of Scientology events together, looking to gather more YouTube content.

In late 2023, Scoville appeared outside Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood attempting to disrupt Scientologists and services. He was arrested for possessing a firearm which is prohibited for individuals convicted of a crime punishable by a term of more than one year.

Now bald and wearing a goatee, Brett Alan Miller, masquerading as “Tommy Scoville,” seems to have no plans or purpose other than to interrupt and disrupt.

The Life Boat is sinking fast—or maybe it’s already hit the bottom.