Angela Experienced Aaron Smith-Levin’s Toxic Work Environment

Constantly needling, Aaron was a workplace bully, says former colleague Angela, and he was only satisfied when he had thoroughly upset his co-workers.


Aaron was a complete bully. I mean, he would come around and poke, working to needle. Like, how could he get the goat of this person? And he would not go away until he was satisfied that he had created the effect that he was trying to create.

When he was in my area, he was constantly needling, like with words and verbal demeaning statements that I, for the first time in my life, felt like this organization is not big enough for both of us, either he goes or I go. It was very, very, very uncomfortable to be there when he was in the area.

I witnessed him leave a staff member in tears when she was perfectly working okay before he came along. And he wasn’t satisfied with the product until he left her in a puddle of tears.

For normal people that I work around, that’s completely unusual. I don’t work around people that create a toxic environment. And Aaron, he definitely knew how to create a toxic environment for the people that worked around him. It was not pleasant. It was not wanted. It prevented us from getting our job done.

Well, the words honesty, kindness, integrity do not [shake head] describe Aaron Smith-Levin. Words that could be used to describe Aaron Smith-Levin are cruel, demonic, sadistic, mal-intended. He was not a good person.