Karina Recalls How Aaron Smith-Levin Brought an Elderly Woman to Tears

Aaron Smith-Levin’s former colleague Karina witnessed the results of his bullying and aggression toward an elderly woman, reducing her to tears.


My personal experience with him was, with Aaron, was that you didn’t want to get into a confrontation with him because it would always result in you feeling like you were just a piece of...nothing.

Aaron definitely bullied others and pushed others around and was aggressive with other people. There are other elderly supervisors who have been around for a long time and he would rile them up. Penny, I worked with. She’s a younger—I mean, she’s a frail, old lady. She was a great supervisor. I think back to times where she was just shaking, she had tears in her eyes. She was just like, “I don’t know what to do to please him or to handle these—this. This doesn’t seem right to me.”

He’s a big guy, he was muscly and he would get red and hot and try to, you know, start coming forward as if he wanted you to like argue with him.

There was one time he was yelling at me this close to my face. I don’t even recall what it was about. I just remember feeling very rattled and very upset afterwards because I don’t even know why he was so mad at me honestly. It was just screaming at me about how wrong I was. And even if it was wrong, there is a much easier way to handle me.

Attacking an elderly woman, pushing people around, fighting with them, trying—that’s just the flow. Yes, of course, he was psycho.