Aaron’s Ex-Flame Continues to Spill the Beans—Why We Should Believe

Aaron Smith-Levin confirms truth of former mistress’ tattling

Villandry calls out Aaron Smith-Levin
Villandry calls out Aaron Smith-Levin

Lindsay Villandry, Smith-Levin’s erstwhile mistress, continues to reveal details of their previous relationship.

Why should we believe it? Well, for one, Smith-Levin himself confirms the substantive parts of what she says.

As he stated in a recent podcast:

“OK. So November 2019 is when my wife and I had a conversation that was essentially—God, I don’t want to rehash it—but as of that moment on, we have basically been separated, living together….

“In about June 2020, I met someone here locally in the area where I live in Clearwater, Florida, who I’ve been seeing on and off for the last four years and that person knew perfectly well…[that] the reason [Smith-Levin and his wife] did this ‘separated but living together’ thing is I was never gonna get a divorce…and I never pretended otherwise to anyone that I’ve ever had a relationship with since.”

He continued: “Sorry guys…I’m going to get to the point. All right. OK. So this person that I met in June 2020, I’ve been seeing her on and off for the last four years. I guess, perhaps in the back of her mind, she hoped that one day I’d eventually get divorced and leave my wife and have a relationship with her, but that was never going to happen.

“And as you guys know, shortly after November 2023, I did say that my wife and I are getting divorced and that is true and that is happening.…

“When [Villandry] found out I was getting divorced and that I was actually now in a relationship—a real relationship with someone else and that that someone else wasn’t her, well, she decided to go on the warpath and exact her pound of flesh, and get her revenge.”

Reality check: Doesn’t that match what Lindsay Villandry has been saying in her recent podcasts? Smith-Levin starts up a relationship, tells her he is in an “open marriage” and his wife won’t mind, then strings her along for four years, until she finds out that he is seeing yet another woman and now is getting a divorce from his wife. And she blows the whistle on his two-faced actions.

Check. Check. Check.

So what does that say about the rest of her claims?

Here’s what Villandry says about that:

“This is my recovery channel….I help people for free. I don’t make money off this....I think this is so distasteful for me to even be on here and to even talk about Aaron in the first place. But I had to do it for me. And I’ve made many videos explaining why. And I still think it’s cringe and I don’t like it.

“But now…I’m saying it again. I just have to continue to say it. Because it’s what’s true. After getting all of those messages, people that are anonymous and not anonymous, and telling me what happened to them and their story with this individual, Aaron. Why would I let him do it, continue to do it? I already came out. I don’t care.

“So I will broadcast whatever I want.”

Villandry says she is not done, she has more to tell.

“Yeah, I don’t know. I guess more will be revealed, right? Literally. Make a video and present all the receipts, pictures, texts, actual receipts, all in one video. Releasing tiny dribs and drabs is only creating more drama. Get it out and move on.…So either believe me or don’t, I don’t really f---ing care.”

Stay tuned for further revelations from Villandry.